Damn My Brand


    Back before the internet I used to write articles about tropical fish and made some money doing so. I used to love to see my name in print more than the meager paycheck and I kept a little scrap book with my published work in it. At the same time that my nonfiction was getting published I was also writing poetry and getting it published in poetry magazines.

    What I just realized this last week is that every time I change a genre I have changed my name. When doing non-fiction I was Robert Bergner and when doing poetry I would do so as Robin Paris. Did I somehow make little brands for myself without thinking about it? Did I have a need to keep my poetry life secret from my nonfiction? When I wrote my two children's books I did so under the name Bobby Bergner and now that I am working on a Horror/Fantasy novel I had decided to go with RL Bergner. The last two mentioned were intentional due to the vastly different subject matter. I would hate for my self illustrated kitty poo book to be sitting next to my dark novel because of the shared name.

    So even in the early days of my career I was all about branding and didn't even realize it. I guess it is important and so I thought I would bring up my personal experience with it. Still one day I would like to see the world where this would be okay:

    From the mind that brought you into the exciting world of Chemoautotrophic Bacteria, Tortured Dreams of a Poet, Why Kitty Is Afraid Of Poo, The terrifying Dead Stir and Intentionally Terrible Paintings of Bunnies comes the new epic sheep herding field guide, Perdy Herdy!

    Point of this is I think it may be important to think about your brand especially when using social media to promote yourself.