The Loss Of Character

So I am in the editing stage of my manuscript and I came to the horrible realization that I will need to cut three chapters from the book. This will in essence undo two characters that I had grow to love in the story. They are ultimately unnecessary and bring the story to a halt.

When I wrote the first draft online I cut a major character, but she was honestly not important to the story and her role was absorbed into another character, so no great loss. For any who have not read the online draft (Available warts and all for a limited time here) The story involves a female serial killer that may or may not be from another world. I did an enormous amount of research involving the FBI. In the manuscript I had two FBI agents who had been uprooted from their homes and shipped off to a small town to work on the case. They were interesting characters but I found that their perspective slowed down the story and seemed out of place. It was hard to let them go because I worked so hard to make them believable.

In books you read/write are there any characters you think served no real purpose? I will mourn them for now, but may have to resurrect them in one of the later books of the series.